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METSTAn toimialueella on käynnissä äänestyksiä seuraavien uusien työkohteiden aloittamisesta. Äänestyksissä kysytään kantaa ehdotuksen hyväksymisestä ao. CENin tai ISOn teknisen komitean työohjelmaan ja kansallisia asiantuntijoita ehdotusta laativaan työryhmään. Myös kommentteja ehdotuksen sisältöön voi antaa. Mikäli ehdotus saa äänestyksessä riittävästi kannatusta, standardisointityö käynnistetään nimettävistä asiantuntijoista muodostettavassa työryhmässä.

Mikäli jokin aihe kiinnostaa ja haluat siitä lisätietoja, ota yhteys METSTAn asiantuntijaan esitettyyn määräaikaan mennessä. Listausta päivitetään neljän viikon välein (viimeisin päivitys 2022-04-25).

Ehdotuksen tunnusEhdotuksen otsikkoVastausten määräaikaYhteyshenkilö
ISO/NP 23285Agricultural machinery, tractors, and earthmoving machinery — Safety of electrical and electronic components and systems operating at 32 to 75 VDC and 21 to 50 VAC2022-04-30Ville Saloranta
ISO/NP 6362-6Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys — Extruded rods/bars, tubes and profiles — Part 6: Round, square, rectangular and hexagonal tubes — Tolerances on shape and dimensions2022-05-01Mika Vartiainen
ISO/NP 8665-2Small craft — Power measurements and declarations — Part 2: Electric marine propulsion2022-05-02Tommi Carlson
ISO/PWI 3151-2Visualization elements of PLM-MES interface — Part 2: 3D error feedback in the plant industry2022-05-03Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP 1999Acoustics — Estimation of noise-induced hearing loss2022-05-03Tommi Carlson
EN 81-82 revSafety rules for the construction and installation of lifts Existing lifts Part 82: Rules for the improvement of the accessibility of existing lifts for persons including persons with disability2022-05-04Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja
EN 81-82 revSafety rules for the construction and installation of lifts — Existing lifts — Part 83: Rules for the improvement of the resistance against vandalism2022-05-04Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja
EN ISO 8100-1Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Lifts for the transport of persons and goods – Part 1: Passenger and goods passenger lifts2022-05-06Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja
EN ISO 8100-2Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Examinations and tests – Part 2: Design rules, calculations, examinations and tests of lift components2022-05-06Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja
ISO/NP 12831Carbon based films — Test method for evaluating adhesion of amorphous carbon thin films by oscillating micro scratch2022-05-08Frans Nilsén
EN 10333:2005 revSteel for packaging – Flat steel products intended for use in contact with foodstuffs, products and beverages for human and animal consumption – Tin coated steel (tinplate)2022-05-08Mika Vartiainen
EN 10334:2005 revSteel for packaging – Flat steel products intended for use in contact with foodstuffs, products and beverages for human and animal consumption – Non-coated steel (blackplate)2022-05-08Mika Vartiainen
EN 10335:2005 revSteel for packaging – Flat steel products intended for use in contact with foodstuffs, products or beverages for human and animal consumption – Non alloyed electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated2022-05-08Mika Vartiainen
ISO/PWI 27548Additive manufacturing of plastics — Environment, health and safety — Test method for determination of particle and chemical emission rates from desktop 3D printer material extrusion2022-05-08Frans Nilsén
EN 12999:2020/A1Cranes – Loader cranes2022-05-09Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP 16681Ships and marine technology — Pilot transfer arrangements–Ship hull securing equipment2022-05-19Tommi Carlson
CEN/TC 203 N 1142Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for sewerage applications – Guidelines for Pipelines Installation 2022-05-22Mika Vartiainen
CEN/TC 203 N 1143Ductile iron pipes – Push-in joints for ductile iron pipe systems – Root resistance – Requirements and test methods2022-05-22Mika Vartiainen
ISO/PWI 18497-4Agricultural machinery and tractors — Safety of partially automated, semi-autonomous and autonomous machinery — Part 4: Verification methods and principles2022-05-24Ville Saloranta
ISO/ASTM PWI 52953Additive Manufacturing for metals — General Principles — Registration of geometric data acquired from process-monitoring and for quality control2022-05-26Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP TS 16755-1Acoustics — Non-acoustic factors — Part 1: Definition and conceptual framework2022-05-26Tommi Carlson
ISO/NP 7250-2Basic human body measurements for technological design — Part 2: Statistical summaries of body measurements from national populations2022-05-28Tommi Carlson
ISO/NP 7250-4Basic human body measurements for technological design — Part 4: Part 4: Expected performance of skilled anthropometrists2022-05-28Tommi Carlson
ISO/ASTM PWI 52919Additive manufacturing — Qualification principles — Test method for sand molds for metal casting2022-05-29Frans Nilsén
ISO/ASTM PWI 52929 Additive manufacturing of metals — Powder bed fusion — Presentation of material properties in material data sheets2022-05-31Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP 170973-D digital human body scan data — Part 1: Terminologies and methodologies for processing of human scan data2022-06-02Tommi Carlson
ISO/PWI 19432-2Building construction machinery and equipment — Portable, hand-held, internal combustion engine driven abrasive cutting machines — Part 2: Machines for abrasive chains — Safety requirements2022-06-04Ville Saloranta
ISO/NP TS 23879Nanotechnologies — Structural characterization of graphene oxide flakes: thickness and lateral size measurement using AFM and SEM2022-06-04Frans Nilsén
ISO/PWI 5222-2Heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators — Testing and calculating methods for seasonal performance factor — Part 2: Sensible cooling recovery seasonal performance factors of HRV2022-06-07Tommi Carlson
CEN/TC 168 N848Draft Decision 16/2022 a NWIP for a new standard on grade 10 restricted (R) sling chains.2022-06-09Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja
CEN/TC 168 N849Draft Decision 17/2022 a NWIP for a new standard Round steel short link chains for  lifting— Medium tolerance sling chains — Grade 10, from quenched and tempered alloy steel2022-06-09Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja
IEC/PWI 17108Calibration and quality control in the use of radionuclide calibrators2022-06-10Tommi Carlson
ISO/NP 17297Microbeam analysis — Focused ion beam application for TEM specimen preparation — Vocabulary2022-06-12Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP 17459Space systems — Pointing management for optical Earth observation2022-06-13Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP 22166-203Robotics — Modularity for service robots — Part 203: Information Model for Hardware2022-06-13Frans Nilsén
ISO/PWI 20733-1Seasonal performance ratings of water source heat pumps — Part 1: Cooling seasonal performance2022-06-17Tommi Carlson
ISO/NP TS 9241-620Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) — Part 620: The role of sound for users of interactive systems2022-06-17Tommi Carlson
ISO/NP 16881-1 (Ed 2)Cranes — Design calculation for rail wheels and associated trolley track supporting structure — Part 1: General2022-06-19Frans Nilsén
ISO/NP 62264-7Enterprise-control system integration — Part 7: Part 7 Alias Service Model2022-06-19Frans Nilsén
ISO/PWI 20733-2Seasonal performance ratings of water source heat pumps — Part 2: Heating seasonal performance2022-06-20Tommi Carlson
ISO/NP 17587Foundry machinery — Safety requirements for cupola furnaces, ladles, pouring machines and associated equipment2022-06-26Mika Vartiainen
ISO/PWI 20041-2Tritium and carbon-14 activity in gaseous effluents and gas discharges of nuclear installations — Part 2: Determination of tritium and carbon-14 activities by bubbling method2022-06-28Tommi Carlson
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